Hypocrisy from Democrats: Lynch, Rosenberg Defend Gov. Baker On Refugees

BOSTON -- The hypocrisy of Massachusetts Democrats like Congressman Moulton and Chairman McGee of the MassDems on the issue of Syrian refugees came into clear focus today, as leaders in the Democratic Party came to the defense of Governor Charlie Baker. The Governor's reasonable position advising caution on the issue of refugees has found support from Democratic Congressmen Stephen Lynch Senate President Stanley Rosenberg, and House Speaker Robert DeLeo. Democratic Congressmen Richard Neal and William Keating echoed the Governor's call for caution on Massachusetts' accepting the refugees. And security experts have previously voiced concerns about the Syrian refugee screening process.
"Massachusetts Democrats are exploiting a sensitive security issue for political gain, in stark contrast to Governor Baker's measured approach," said MassGOP spokesman Terry MacCormack. "Democratic leaders like Senate President Rosenberg and Congressman Lynch - a member of the Homeland Security Committee - agree with Governor Baker. This partisan posturing on such a sensitive issue is deeply unfortunate, and Massachusetts deserves better leadership."

Congressman And National Security Committee Member Stephen Lynch (D): Governor Baker's Position Is "Wise," "Appropriate"

"U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-South Boston) yesterday told the Herald he also backs Gov. Baker’s strict review of refugees.

“'I think the governor’s caution is appropriate. I think he’s wise and I think that’s what Germany and France are doing now,' said Lynch, who sits on the Congress’s subcommittee on national security. 'Given the millions and millions of people here that are on the move here from Syria and Africa, the opportunity is there for one of these militants to get in that stream of otherwise legitimate refugees.'" (Matt Stout, Hillary Chabot, "Baker: Administration asking feds for answers on refugee vetting," Boston Herald, 11/17/15)
Security Experts Have Concerns About The Syrian Refugee Vetting Process 
"FBI Director James Comey added in congressional testimony last month that 'a number of people who were of serious concern' slipped through the screening of Iraq War refugees, including two arrested on terrorism-related charges. 'There’s no doubt that was the product of a less than excellent vetting,' he said." (Jerry Markon, "Senior Obama officials have warned of challenges in screening refugees from Syria," Washington Post, 11/17/15)
Senate President Stan Rosenberg Defended Governor Baker, Suggesting "I Don't Think There's Anyone Who Disagrees With That," On Baker's Caution

"On Boston Herald Radio today, Senate President Stanley Rosenberg also backed Baker.

'I think that the governor’s principal message was actually not about whether we should hit pause or not, I think his principal message was, "we need to make sure that we’re doing everything here in Massachusetts to make sure that our people feel safe and that we’re doing everything to keep them safe,"' Rosenberg told 'Morning Meeting' hosts Jaclyn Cashman and Hillary Chabot.

Rosenberg said he talked yesterday about the issue with Baker and House Speaker Robert DeLeo. Baker told the legislative leaders 'we got to make sure that if the federal government is going to place people in Massachusetts and allow them to come to Massachusetts they are thoroughly vetted,' the Senate president said. 'I don’t think there is anyone who disagrees with that. ... I’m all over that, I’m totally in favor of making sure that happens.'” (Matt Stout, Hillary Chabot, "Baker: Administration asking feds for answers on refugee vetting," Boston Herald, 11/17/15)

House Speaker Robert DeLeo Agreed With Governor Baker That The Refugee Process Requires Careful Review

"'Before we would begin allowing refugees into Massachusetts, I think we have to make sure that each of them are looked at very closely,' DeLeo said."  (Shira Schoenberg, "Syrian refugees should get thorough vetting, House Speaker Robert DeLeo says," Springfield Republican, 11/17/15)
Democratic Leaders And Security Experts Echoed Governor Baker's Call For Caution On The Issue

"Baker also pointed out that several Democrats have expressed concerns similar to his own.

'Senator Markey yesterday, and Congressman McGovern, as well as several senior members of the FBI, all said that the vetting process associated with refugee resettlement—especially as it relates to Syria—probably needs a once over,' Baker said. “That’s what I’m looking for.” (Adam Reilly, Syrian Immigration: Dems Slam Baker For Things Dems Are Saying Themselves, WGBH, 11/17/15)
Congressman Richard Neal Echoed Governor Baker's Call For Caution On The Issue 

Congressman Neal echoed Baker's caution, making clear that "stricter vetting protocols need to be established by the Department of Homeland Security for those seeking asylum here," (Congressman Richard Neal, Facebook)

Congressman Bill Keating Echoed Governor Baker's Call For Clarity On The Refugee Resettlement Process

"'The public rightfully has a right to know exactly what the process will be,'  Rep. Bill Keating said." ("Massachusetts, New Hampshire oppose taking in more Syrian refugees," WCVB, 11/17/15)