Dems Admit Their Sanctuary State Stunt Is Holding Up Late Budget

BOSTON -- Democrat politicians on Beacon Hill admitted yesterday they're unable to meet their basic budgetary obligations because they are engaging in political grand-standing over far-left priorities like making Massachusetts a sanctuary state.

"Democrats have already allowed Massachusetts to earn the embarrassing distinction of being the last state in the union to not have a budget," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "Now, they're admitting the reason for the delay is political grand-standing over dangerous, fringe ideas like making Massachusetts a sanctuary state. Voters have had enough of Democrats' extreme politicking, but the fact that it's holding up our state budget, including essential school and public health services, makes this failure of leadership all the more egregious."


Democrats admitted this week that the reason for the hold-up in the budget negotiations is that they're grand-standing over outside policy priorities. "With the state’s annual budget now nine days late, House Speaker Robert DeLeo on Monday floated the idea of separating the policy proposals in the spending bill from the dollars and cents needed to fund the government in an effort to reach a compromise." (Matt Murphy, "Deleo Suggests Policy Subtractions to Speed Budget Deal,"State House News Service, 7/9/18)

One far-left policy priority is a radical proposal to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state."After lengthy and emotional debate late Wednesday evening, the Massachusetts Senate adopted a budget amendment to restrict cooperation between local police and federal immigration authorities." (Colin Young, "After Tense Debate, Mass. Senate Adopts Safe Communities Amendment," 
State House News Service, 5/24/18)