Dem Politicians Who Raised Their Own Pay Complain About Revenue

BOSTON -- Democrats have spent a lot of time in recent days complaining about the removal of an unconstitutional graduated income tax plan from the ballot. But they had no problem finding the revenue to give themselves a massive pay hike at the start of this legislative session.

"It's bad enough that Democrats have no coherent vision for the Commonwealth other than an unconstitutional ballot question, but now these pay-raising politicians are exposed as hypocrites, too," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "If Democrats are so worried about revenue, they should start by returning the massive pay hikes they gave themselves at the beginning of the session."
Democrats Complaining About Revenue Had No Trouble Voting For The Pay Hike:
Senate President Harriette Chandler: "I am terribly disappointed in the SJC’s decision to block the Fair Share Amendment. At a fundamental level, this decision impedes the fight for economic equity, as well as the investments we need to make improvements to our schools, our rails and our roads. As I have said since January, without this Fair Share Amendment, we will need to be creative and take a hard look at potential revenues from new sources to address the very real challenges we face as a Commonwealth." (Source)
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Senator Jamie Eldridge: "I am outraged and heartbroken that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled against the @MAFairShare #MillionairesTax fought for over 4 years, removing this critical tax proposal to invest in #education & #transportation from the November ballot." (Source)
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Senator Karen Spilka: "I believe in Massachusetts' bold vision of leadership, and that includes the notion that the wealthiest among us are able to contribute a little bit more to ensure a thriving Commonwealth for all of our residents." (Source)
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Senator Eric Lesser: "Today's SJC Decision means our Commonwealth's infrastructure will continue to deteriorate and our schools will be less competitive. " (Source)
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Rep. Jay Kaufman: "Today's SJC decision is a $2 billion disappointment."  (Source)
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Rep. Juana Matias: "The SJC decision leaves all of us worse off." (Source)
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