WTAS: MA Dems Face Disarray, Disunity As "Chaotic" Convention Kicks Off

BOSTON -- As Massachusetts Democrats head to Philadelphia to begin the unenviable task of generating enthusiasm about Hillary Clinton, they're grappling with a "chaotic start" to a Convention rocked by the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair. The revelation that Wasserman Schultz tried to rig the primary process for Hillary Clinton has left Democrats scrambling to unify the Party, while Massachusetts Sanders supporters proclaim of the Democratic Party: "they're done to us."


Boston Globe: A "Chaotic Start" To Dems' Convention
"The departure of Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who has weathered a long list of controversies during her more than five-year tenure leading the Democratic National Committee, marked a chaotic start to a convention week intended to display unity for Clinton’s White House bid. Wasserman Schultz will leave her post after the convention ends on Thursday.” (Annie Linskey, "Liberal dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton lingers on eve of convention," Boston Globe7/25/16)

Boston Herald: "Dems Kick Off In State Of Disunity", Sanders Supporters "Irate"
"A WikiLeaks email dump of Democratic Party emails has thrown today’s launch of the Democratic National Convention into turmoil, with the party chairwoman forced to resign and a fresh spotlight on runner-up Bernie Sanders, who will address his irate backers in prime time tonight....
"'We want the world to know how mad we are,' said Sanders backer ­Laurie Cestnick of Lincoln, who is organizing protests. 'We want the Democratic Party to know you can’t mess with us anymore. It’s almost like a death to us. They’re done to us...'"  
(Chris Cassidy, "Dems kick off in state of disunity," Boston Herald7/25/16)

WBUR: "Controversy Threatens To Divide The Party"
"The Democratic National Convention opens today, amid controversy that threatens to divide the party..." (WBUR, "Former Democratic National Chair Says He's Disappointed By Party Leaders," 7/25/16)

Former MA Dem Chair: Wasserman Schultz A "Disgrace"
“'What she did was a disgrace,” said Philip Johnston, a former Democratic Bay State chairman and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders supporter..." (Hillary Chabot, Emails show 'stronger together' just a slogan',Boston Herald7/25/16)
MA Sanders Supporter: "It's Unethical...Confirms What We Knew All Along"
"It's unethical, and for me that's what bothers me the most. The emails prove what, you know, we suspected all along and it's just sad." -Nancy Stemberg, MA Sanders Supporter (Allison King, "Massachusetts Democrats React to Wasserman Schultz's resignation, NECN, 7/25/16)

Boston Herald's Hillary Chabot: Ouster "Has Hobbled The Unity Theme" Dems Wanted 
"The bitter ouster of Democratic National Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has hobbled the unity theme meant to kick off Hillary Clinton’s nomination rally today - and will likely sour the Dems’ celebration in the week ahead." (Hillary Chabot, Emails show 'stronger together' just a slogan', Boston Herald7/25/16)