Amid Senate Dems' Ethics Problems, Rosenberg Stonewalls Reform

BOSTON - MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement in response to reports that Democratic Senate President Stan Rosenberg is stonewalling reforms to state ethics rules:


"Senate President Rosenberg's stunning refusal to even consider a task force to enhance public accountability shows exactly why voters are angry with Beacon Hill. His stonewalling, his open disdain for the current ethics laws, and the federal investigation into Sen. Joyce's ethical problems show a startling disconnect between Democrat politicians and everyday people."
Senate President Rosenberg is stonewalling efforts to create a task force to reform state ethics rules. "The House referred the speaker's proposal to a joint committee, but so far the Senate has refused to admit the bill, leaving open the possibility that the House could choose to work with the governor alone on the review."  (Matt Murphy, "Senate slow to embrace DeLeo's plan for ethics task force," State House News Service, 7/6/16)

Senators are deeply concerned about the fact that the entire senate has been dragged into the spotlight with a subpoena over Sen. Brian Joyce's alleged corruption. "'This is clearly not a positive development,' said one senator who insisted on anonymity. 'To have the body as a whole pulled into this case is a problem. I serve with a great group of people who do great work on behalf of their constituents. Now we all have this cloud hanging over our work and actions.'" (Andrea Estes, Mass. Senate receives subpoena in Joyce probe, Boston Globe, 5/19/16)

Last year, Senate President Rosenberg said that state ethics rules were "way overreaching." (Boston Globe, "Rosenberg: ethics regulations can be overreaching," 12/16/15)