"Mutiny," "A Colossal Waste Of Time," - Kennedy/MassDems Group Therapy Session Takes A Nosedive In Newton

BOSTON - As their party struggles to regroup after massive losses at the polls, Massachusetts Democrats last night attempted to chart a course forward with a meeting for the party "faithful" in Newton. But the public group therapy session spun wildly out of control, as Congressman Joe Kennedy faced blowback from far-left activists who demanded he bow to their obstructionist demands. The meeting reached a fever pitch as disgruntled attendees hurled obscenities and wrested control of the mic from the state party chairman. 

It's unclear how Democrat leaders plan to placate their frustrated base but one thing is evident, the Party's efforts to put 2016 in the past took a hit last night. 

Here's a blow-by-blow recap of the chaotic meeting: 

Kennedy Faces Heat From Activists As His Painful Predicament Becomes Obvious

[One attendee] ..."Rips @joekennedy for leaving after 20 minutes and attending the presidential inauguration. Kennedy aide now doing damage control. #mapoli"

Tweet - @reillyadam:
"Kennedy, BTW, refused to say if Trump will be a legitimate president when I spoke w/ him earlier. #mapoli"

Tweet - @LaurenDezenski:
"Kennedy aide now defending JKIII's decision to attend Trump's inauguration as attendee says it's normalizing Trump. 'It's about the office'"
Dems Flailing As Party Chair Loses Control Of Meeting

"We've hit a mutiny here -- Kennedy left the building after speaking & the ~70 attendees still here have taken over the mic from Gus Bickford"

Tweet - @reillyadam:
"Rough crowd here in Newton. One activist tells @massdems chair Gus Bickford tonight's mtg is 'a colossal waste of time...'"

Deep Divisions On Display As Meeting Devolves Into Bickering, Obscenities

Tweet - @LaurenDezenski:
"Gus Bickford: 'If we have a Democratic governor, we could be a state like California'
Guy in the crowd: "Bulls#!%!" #mapoli"

POLITICO - Frustrated Attendees Walk Out:
"...the crowd turned on Democratic Party state chair Gus Bickford, who sought to pick up where Kennedy left off. Some walked out before the meeting was over, while others expressed their dissatisfaction with the night's proceedings..."