Where Are Your Democrat Senators On Rosenberg's Leadership?

BOSTON -- There's a Democrat scandal on Beacon Hill...do you know where YOUR Democrat senator is? Democrat Senators have questions to answer...

With a recent report in The Boston Globe detailing disturbing reports of sexual misconduct and abuse of power by the husband of Senate President Stan Rosenberg, Democrat Senators are stumbling all over themselves to not answer the tough questions about Rosenberg's leadership:
"At the State House, where controversy often sends lawmakers scurrying, multiple senators avoided answering questions about the allegations, either by not returning calls or dodging reporters in the hallway." - The Boston Globe
But voters deserve answers about where their Senators stand. Today, the MassGOP issued the following questions to Democrat Senators across Massachusetts:
1. Given that you voted for Rosenberg for Senate President, do you still have confidence in him and his leadership of the chamber?
2. Do you believe Rosenberg should continue to serve as Senate President while the Senate's investigation is underway?
3. Do you believe Stan Rosenberg's dubious claims that he had no knowledge about the behavior of his husband, even though the report makes clear that he was merely feet away when many incidents took place?
Voters are waiting for Democrats to answer these important questions about how they plan to handle this deeply disturbing situation. Will they stand up for their constituents and demand accountability? Or will they shrink, and remain a part of the Democrat Beacon Hill machine?