Dems "Concerned" Rosenberg Probe Will Distract From Their Failed Agenda

BOSTON -- After spending the legislative session raising their own pay and blocking tax relief for consumers, Democrats are suddenly "concerned" that the investigation into the ex-Senate President will distract from their agenda.

"After giving themselves a massive pay raise, Democrats have spent the legislative session accomplishing little beyond blocking tax relief for consumers," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "Now, they're suddenly 'concerned' that the corruption investigation into the ex-Senate President is going to interfere with their agenda. The reality is, these Democrat politicians haven't done anything positive for the people of Massachusetts, and with scandals piling up, voters have had enough."


Democrats are suddenly worried that the corruption investigation into the ex-Senate President will distract from their agenda. "With the Senate's leadership situation in turmoil, pressure mounted Tuesday on Democrats to find a way to steady the ship before the cloud of a seven-week-old ethics investigation and jockeying among members completely overshadows Beacon Hill's legislative agenda." (Matt Murphy, "Concerns grow over Rosenberg probe's impact on legislating," State House News Service, 2/6/18)

Another Democrat senator was indicted in a massive corruption scandal last year. "Former state senator Brian A. Joyce was charged in a federal indictment Friday with using his Senate office as a front to collect about $1 million in bribes and kickbacks that were laundered through his law firm, along with getting hundreds of pounds of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for free." (Andrea Estes, Milton J. Valencia and John R. Ellement, "Former state senator Brian Joyce indicted on federal charges," The Boston Globe, 12/8/17)

Democrats killed sales tax relief earlier this year. "Consumers will get no break on the sales tax from the state of Massachusetts this summer, as lawmakers opt for the second year in a row to forego a tax holiday weekend." (Andy Metzger, "Chairman 'certain' there won't be a sales tax holiday," State House News Service, 8/8/17)