House Dems Stick It To Taxpayers Again

BOSTON -- With another budget season underway, the Democratic establishment on Beacon Hill is back to work sticking it to the taxpayers. As House Republicans fought to reduce the tax burden for working families and municipalities, Democrats once again killed amendments to promote fiscal responsibility.

"Every year, like clockwork, Democratic leadership works hard to make sure that efforts to reduce the tax burden never see the light of day. Make no mistake: despite their procedural games, House Democrats today voted to kill several pro-taxpayer reforms. Sooner or later, Democrats will have to realize that the people of Massachusetts are looking for their state government to commit to fiscally responsibility and reduce the tax burden." -MassGOP spokesman Terry MacCormack


"House Democrats successfully moved Monday to study a proposal to exempt cities and towns from paying 24 cents a gallon in gas taxes, avoiding a direct vote on the proposal."(Mike Norton, "House Dems cool to muni gas tax exemption, State House News Service, 4/25/16)

"Saying state spending had risen 50 percent since 2006, Andover Rep. James Lyons appealed to his colleagues Monday to pass a budget amendment reducing the sales tax to 5 percent from 6.25 percent. The House instead voted 112-42 to study the idea." (Mike Norton, "Sales tax cut runs into resistance in Mass. House, State House News Service, 4/25/16)