Democrats Continue Agenda To Put Taxpayers At Risk

BOSTON -- Democrats are continuing apace with a fiscally irresponsible agenda that's putting taxpayers in jeopardy. After a legislative session that's featured pay hikes for themselves, plans for new taxes on working families, and the cancellation of the sales tax holiday, Democrats are now determined to un-balance the budget by overriding gubernatorial vetoes that have kept spending in check.

"Democrats' sole mission this legislative session has been to put taxpayers at risk. First, they sought to raise taxes on working families to fund their giant pay hikes, and now they are pushing the budget out of balance. Instead of more fiscal gamesmanship, they should promise to work with Governor Baker to control state spending; and they could start by returning their pay increases." -MassGOP spokesman Terry MacCormack 


Democrats Today Pushed The Budget Out Of Balance "Unfazed by two consecutive years in which their budgets collapsed, the Massachusetts House on Wednesday completed votes needed to restore the $320 million that Gov. Charlie Baker vetoed from the budget." (Andy Metzger, "House Steamrolls through Baker veto overrides," State House News Service, 10/4/17)

Democrats Are Continuing An Agenda That Puts Taxpayers At Risk:
Raising Their Own Pay
Talk Of New Taxes On Working Families
Cancelling Sales Tax Relief