Dems Under Fire For "Sitting On The Sidelines," "Dodging" On MassHealth Reform

BOSTON -- Senate Democrats on Beacon Hill are under fire for "dodging" and "sitting on the sidelines" while Governor Baker receives praise for taking action with commonsense reforms to save taxpayers millions with the MassHealth program. Today's Lowell Sun editorial slamming Senate President Rosenberg follows a Boston Globe editorial saying the package deserves approval.

"While Governor Baker's plan to preserve the integrity of the state's Medicaid program earns high praise, Beacon Hill Democrats are exposing a simple truth: they don't want to make the tough decisions, but they're more than happy to criticize from the sidelines. It's hard to imagine a story more emblematic of the Democrats' lack of leadership: They want the problem fixed, but don't want to be held accountable for any of the decisions." -MassGOP spokesman Terry MacCormack 

The Lowell Sun: Rosenberg "Dodges" MassHealth Fixes After Asking Gov. Baker For A Plan

"Yet here we go again. When decisive action is warranted, the Legislature retreats to its cocoon of more study and more talk that will add to the state's health-care affordability crisis -- not lessen it.
And that's why the Rosenberg-Welch appeal to all stakeholders amounts to such a dodge. It's akin to Capt. Louis Renault (actor Claude Rains) in 'Casablanca' telling police to 'round up the usual suspects.'

Gov. Charlie Baker was charged by the Legislature -- both Rosenberg and House Speaker Robert DeLeo -- to come up with a plan to create revenue and savings fill a nearly $350 million MassHealth budget gap.

That's right, the Legislature deferred to Baker's team for the fix -- and he delivered not once but twice.
Baker's team came up with other revenue and savings fixes that, when combined with the employers' contributions, resulted in a total of $314.6 million toward closing the MassHealth gap.

Yet Rosenberg tossed it aside. Instead, the Senate President wrote an opinion piece with another 'progressive thinker' on how all sides must come together."

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The Boston Globe: Legislature "Sits On The Sidelines" While Governor Pushes Worthy Plan

"...And some legislators, after electing to sit on the sidelines earlier in the spring, don’t like what they view as the administration’s take-it-or-leave-it attitude.

They’d like hearings, or for the administration to submit its proposals as a separate piece of legislation so they can be fully vetted in a public process.

Now, it’s hardly Baker’s fault that the Legislature passed the buck in the first place...
In the meantime, though, Baker gave the Legislature what it asked for: a plan to stabilize MassHealth’s finances that brings in more revenue from employers. It needn’t all pass at once, but the proposal, or something very much like it, deserves approval."

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