Dems Enter Convention As A Party In Chaos That Can't Be Trusted

WORCESTER -- Massachusetts Democrats are heading to Worcester this weekend desperately hoping to paper over their abysmal record, which has shown them to be a party in chaos that simply can't be trusted.

"Democrats are in chaos, and they're proving to the public that they cannot be trusted to keep their own house in order, let alone manage more of our tax dollars," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "From a slew of corruption reports, to the fact that the party's candidates for governor have lost touch with reality when it comes to their outlandish new spending proposals, it's not surprising that voters have lost faith in the Democrats. That's why Republicans recently flipped a Democrat-held seat in the past few months, with the GOP energized heading into the fall."

The MassGOP is launching digital ads around the DCU Center this weekend, to highlight the Democrats' abysmal record.

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Democrats Running for Governor Have Spent a Constitutionally-Questionable Tax Hike More Than 14x Over:

The Democratic gubernatorial candidates have proposed an eye-popping increase in government spending of at least $28 BILLION, banking it all on a constitutionally-questionable $2 billion tax hike. If the courts strike down the tax increase, Democrats have pledged to find other ways to get the money, but have yet to detail how else they plan to take more of taxpayers hard-earned money to pay for all of their outlandish spending plans.

Their numbers don't add up, and they can't be trusted.

With Scandals And Corruption, Democrats Have Broken The Public Trust

The Senate President tolerated egregious abuse of power and sexual assault inside his inner circle, and was forced out, leading to a chamber in chaos.

Senator Brian Joyce was indicted on hundreds of criminal counts for running his office like a "criminal enterprise," according to prosecutors.

The Secretary of State and his Democrat primary opponent have both been caught running their campaigns on the backs of the taxpayers.

Another state senator attempted to leverage the weight of his public office when facing arrest for a DUI.

Additional Sources: $1.48 Billion for Free Pre-K, $4 - 6 Billion for a North-South Rail Link, $737 Million - $1 Billion to Extend the Blue Line, $3.42 Billion for the Costlier South Coast Rail Proposal, $2 -3 Billion for Commuter Rail Electrification, $6.5 - $11.8 Billion for a wall in Boston Harbor, and a Single-Payer Healthcare System that failed in neighboring, smaller Vermont at an estimated cost of $2.5 Billion.

(Massie and/or Gonzalez policy proposals)