Details Please, Martha

BOSTON -  The MassGOP is calling on Martha Coakley to release the details regarding her use of a state car for campaign purposes over the past three and a half years as reported by The Boston Globe. Specifically, Coakley should provide the public with:
  • Dates of all events attended
  • Location of all events attended
  • Type of all events attended
  • Total miles traveled to and from these events
  • Any and all receipts or records that demonstrate records were being kept of the travel
“It strains belief that Martha Coakley’s campaign, which has had well-documented problems with bookkeeping and accuracy and has been fined thousands as a result, could so quickly come up with a figure that accurately represents what she owes the taxpayers for campaign travel for the past 3 and a half years,” said Kirsten Hughes, Chairman of the MassGOP. “Someone needs to check her math so the public can be assured that Martha’s come up with an accurate figure.”


In addition, the MassGOP calls on Martha to directly address this issue, not to continue to hide behind campaign spokespeople, as the public has a right to hear directly from the Attorney General, the state’s top law enforcement official, as to why she believes that her actions don’t constitute a violation of state ethics and campaign law.

“Martha’s pattern in the past has been to hide behind campaign operatives and not address her campaign’s illegal behavior head on,” said Hughes. “But this time, the taxpayers deserve to hear from the Attorney General herself as to why she’s been using state resources for campaign activities for the past three and half years without reimbursing them for the cost. They also deserve to understand why she believes she hasn’t broken any state ethics or campaign laws, and if she plans to appoint an independent counsel to investigate her behavior since she can’t.”