MassGOP Digital Campaign Targets Freshmen Dems Who Voted For Pay Hike

BOSTON -- This week, several freshmen Democrat lawmakers took their first-ever recorded votes on Beacon Hill: giving themselves a pay hike.

In response, the MassGOP is launching a digital ad campaign targeting voters in these lawmakers' districts. The MassGOP is running these ads in districts represented by Democrat freshmen legislators whose first vote was to give themselves a pay hike. (Every single Republican voted against the pay hike).

"These freshman Democrat legislators may be pleased enough with their performance in the past few weeks to merit a raise, but their employers - the taxpayers - might disagree. By voting to give themselves a taxpayer-funded raise before they have accomplished much of anything, these freshmen have shown they're wasting no time adjusting to the Beacon Hill insider culture." - MassGOP spokesman Terry MacCormack

See a sample ad below or by clicking here