Feds Bust Coakley “Myth,” Grant Obamacare Extension

BOSTON - The Department of Health and Human Services has granted Massachusetts a one-year extension because of the negative impacts of Obamacare on businesses – something Attorney General Martha Coakley arrogantly dismissed as a “myth.”

“Even the Obama Administration concedes that Obamacare will hurt Massachusetts’ employers, and yet Coakley dismisses the negative impact on jobs as a myth,” said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP chairman. “Coakley, who enjoys taxpayer-funded health care, either fails to understand the true implications of the federal health care law, or she is unwilling to buck her own party in order to protect Massachusetts families and employers.  Either way, it’s clear Coakley is not ready to lead this state and handle serious issues such as health care.”


Martha Coakley said it was a “myth” that Obamacare hurts small businesses. (Video 10/15/13)


The Department of Health and Human Services granted MA businesses another year to deal with the negative effects of Obamacare.“Under today’s guidance, the Commonwealth will have an additional year to phase out those disallowed rating factors, easing the transition for small businesses and consumers across the state.” (Massachusetts Executive Department Office of Housing and Economic Development Press Release, “MASSACHUSETTS GRANTED ADDITIONAL YEAR TO HELP SMALL BUSINESSES, CONSUMERS TRANSITION TO ACA COMPLIANCE,” 4/24/14)

Even Democratic Lawmakers Sought A Waiver From ACA Because Of The Rising Costs For Businesses.  “But new federal regulations written to implement the Affordable Care Act threaten to undercut those efforts — and saddle thousands of Bay State businesses with big increases in premiums.” (Editorial staff, “Mass. needs an Obamacare waiver for small-business health plans,” The Boston Globe, 3/5/13)