Radical Paul Feeney's Dangerous Agenda

Elizabeth Warren's extreme, far-left allies are trying to win a seat in the Massachusetts Senate. Paul Feeney is the author of the radical Massachusetts Democrat Platform, a document full of dangerous proposals that would make Massachusetts less safe and would mean massive tax hikes for for all of us. Now, Paul Feeney wants to take this dangerous agenda to the Legislature.

We have the chance to defeat Radical Paul Feeney on Tuesday, October 17. Voters in the Bristol & Norfolk state senate district can vote for Republican Jacob Ventura, who will keep MA safe and be a champion of the taxpayers. 

Radical Paul Feeney's far-left wish list includes ideas like:

  • Making Massachusetts A Sanctuary State: Preventing law enforcement officers across our state from cooperating with ICE to keep dangerous criminals who have been convicted of violent crimes like murder and rape off of our streets. 
  • Giving Drivers' Licenses To Illegal Immigrants: Radical Paul Feeney and the Democrats want to undo the law signed by Governor Baker that prevents drivers' licenses from being given to illegal immigrants.
  • Costly Government Funded Healthcare, Requiring Massive New Taxes: The Democrats' costly "single payer" government takeover of healthcare would lead to lower healthcare outcomes and would require billions in new taxes - because this massive program isn't even covered by the Democrats' latest proposal for a graduated income tax.
  • Allowing Prisoners Serving Time To Vote: According to their radical platform, Democrats want to "ensure that incarceration does not impact an individual’s right to vote." Since felons currently re-gain the right to vote once they are released, the Democrats are calling for prisoners serving time to be allowed to vote.
  • Lighter Sentences For Drug Traffickers: While the opioid crisis ravages our communities, Governor Baker is trying to crack down on drug traffickers whose actions lead to fatalities. But the Democrats want to turn back the clock and eliminate mandatory minimum sentences altogether.