Goldberg: An Insider’s Insider

BOSTON – Stop & Shop heiress Deb Goldberg recently claimed she’s not an insider, but as a new video by the MassGOP shows, she’s the ultimate Democratic insider’s insider.

Goldberg’s insider’s insider credentials:

- Mascot for Dukakis campaign
- Very good friends with Speaker Bob DeLeo, Senate President Terry Murray and incoming Senate President Stan Rosenberg
- 2006 candidate for Lieutenant Governor who later stepped aside to let Joe Kennedy run for Congress
- Democratic State Committeewoman

“Deb Goldberg is the ultimate Democratic insider’s insider, and it’s just about the only reason she is a serious contender for state treasurer, aside from the family money she is pouring into this race. She does not have the business experience or the pension experience she would have you believe, but she certainly does have serious credentials as a Democratic insider’s insider,” said Kirsten Hughes, chairman of the MassGOP.

Watch the video here:


While Goldberg understates her “insider’s insider” credentials, she overstates her experience in business and with pension systems:

Goldberg Oversaw Doubling of Brookline’s Unfunded Pension Liability: While a Brookline selectwoman, the town’s unfunded pension liability doubled and the town’s plan is now among the worst-funded in the state. (Boston Business Journal, 10-16-14)

Goldberg Claims “Executive Experience” at Stop & Shop, but she was a fashion buyer: According to the New York Times in June 1987, Goldberg was “until recently a women’s fashion buyer in New York for Bradlee’s, a division of Stop and Shop Inc. … her mother, Carol Rabb Goldberg, is its president and chief operating officer.” Conveniently, her resume fails to mention the fashion buying experience and instead lists her last position as Assistant to the President, a.k.a. her mother. Her resume also shows that in her 20 years at Stop & Shop, she spent at least 10 in college, and she has not worked for Stop & Shop in 25 years.