On Day One - Candidate Gonzalez Lays Groundwork for Tax Hikes

BOSTON - Democrat Jay Gonzalez has been a candidate for governor for less than 24 hours, and he's already laying the groundwork to raise taxes on the people of Massachusetts.

"During the time that Mr. Gonzalez helped run the state budget, the previous Administration hiked taxes on working families to the tune of a billion dollars," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "So it shouldn't be a surprise that Gonzalez's narrow-minded 'vision' is entirely focused on asking taxpayers to fork over more of their hard-earned money, with no promise of reform."


In an interview on Day One of his campaign, Jay Gonzalez laid the groundwork for higher taxes on the people of the Commonwealth. "The first Democrat to officially join the 2018 race, Gonzalez said he supports the proposed "millionaire's tax," a 4 percent surtax on household incomes above $1 million that's likely to appear on the 2018 ballot, and said the state needs 'new revenue.'" (Matt Stout and Chris Villani, "Dem gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez: State may need new taxes," Boston Herald, 1/30/17)

When Gonzalez helped run the state budget, the Patrick Administration hiked taxes on the people of Massachusetts to the tune of a billion dollars. "Governor Deval Patrick said yesterday that he will sign more than $1 billion in tax increases, ending a months-long standoff with the Legislature and ensuring Massachusetts residents will pay more for everything, from satellite dishes to cheeseburgers." (Matt Viser, "Patrick stresses upside of tax hikes," Boston Globe, 1/30/17)