Gregoire Punts Opportunity, Taxpayers Lose

BOSTON – Representative Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough) was caught on camera watching the Netherlands vs. Argentina soccer match, last Thursday. Unfortunately the photo was taken in the State House, during the briefing on the latest gun control measure.

The legislation was released Thursday morning, and a vote was expected later that day. Many State Representatives criticized the Speaker for not giving members ample notice to review the bill.

“While every other State Representative was scrambling to understand and to influence this important legislation, Rep. Gregoire was sitting on the sidelines,” said MassGOP Executive Director, Rob Cunningham. “Residents expect her to show up and to speak for them, instead, she watches a soccer game – and not the US team, mind you – Argentina and the Netherlands. She needs to get her priorities straight.”


Picture of Rep. Gregoire watching the soccer game: