MassGOP Calls On Healey, Dems To Return Teamsters' Donations After Federal Indictment Over Sexist, Homophobic Actions

BOSTON -- Today, members of the Teamsters Local 25 union were indicted on several federal charges related to "old school thug tactics" that included sexist and homophobic actions last year. MassGOP Executive Director Brian Wynne called on Attorney General Maura Healey and other Democrat officeholders to return the thousands of dollars they've received in campaign contributions from the group. Healey alone accepted $15,000 from the group last year, and already $500 this year.

"Harassing women and using homophobic and sexist slurs is shameful and wrong,"said MassGOP Executive Director Brian Wynne. "Maura Healey and the other Democrats who accepted campaign contributions from this group need to return the donations and condemn the despicable actions of its members. Healey herself said she would 'hold people accountable' related to these accusations, so it should be an easy call to return the donations."
Members of Teamsters Local 25 were indicted today on federal charges related to the harassment of women and use of homophobic slurs. 

"Five members of a Teamsters local were indicted Wednesday on federal extortion charges for engaging in what US Attorney Carmen Ortiz called 'old school thug tactics' that reflected 'poorly on our city.’'"

"The members of Teamsters Local 25 were charged with at least one extortion scheme, related to the harassment and intimidation in the spring of 2014 of the 'Top Chef' staff — including host Padma Lakshmi — while the popular food show was taping in Boston." 

(Milton Valencia and Andrew Ryan, "Teamsters face charges over ‘Top Chef’ harassment," Boston Globe, 9/30/15)

Maura Healey has accepted more than $15,000 in campaign contributions from Teamsters Local 25 since this incident. (Source: OCPF)

Other statewide elected Democrats, including Deb Goldberg, Suzanne Bump, and Bill Galvin, have accepted thousands in campaign contributions from the group. (Source: OCPF - Goldberg | Bump | Galvin)]

Maura Healey said she would "hold people accountable" related to these accusations last year. (Video, "AG candidate Maura Healey addresses accusations of Teamster slurs," Boston Herald, 8/21/14)