Health Connector Issues Date Back to Last Summer

BOSTON -- Despite Governor Patrick's response regarding the Health Connector website yesterday, the truth is that the state officials have known as far back as July that there were major issues with the website.

"Governor Patrick is an absentee governor who swoops in for press conferences, states the obvious and then jets off. After telling us yesterday what state officials knew in July and the rest of us figured out last fall - that the state's health insurance website is a mess - Patrick is off on a long weekend in Switzerland. He shouldn't feel in any rush to come home," said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP chairman.


"Massachusetts officials knew in July, three months before the launch of the state’s ill-fated health insurance website, that the technology company in charge was far behind on building the site and that there was 'a substantial and likely risk' it would not be ready, according to a state official’s memo." (Chelsea Conaboy, "State knew about troubles with health site," The Boston Globe, 1/25/2014)