“How Will Jay Pay?” #1 MassGOP Provides Gonzalez With His Own Tax Expenditure Report

BOSTON -- Today, the MassGOP kicked off “How Will Jay Pay?” - the ongoing series to help Jay Gonzalez identify which taxes he will raise to pay for his costly agenda. For this first installment, the MassGOP will deliver Gonzalez his own 2012 Tax Expenditure Commission Report. Gonzalez is dodging telling voters how he'll raise their taxes to pay for his billions in new spending, claiming “no one ever looks at” the Commonwealth’s tax expenditures. But Gonzalez himself chaired the 2012 commission that claimed it “reviewed reams of data and analysis assembled by the Department of Revenue” - yet came up with no expenditures to eliminate.

“As a former state budget chief, its shocking that Gonzalez would dodge the question of how he'll pay for his spending by claiming that ‘no one ever looks’ at tax expenditures, given that he chaired the commission that supposedly reviewed ‘reams of data’ about tax expenditures. To help jog his memory, the MassGOP is providing Gonzalez with the report; hopefully it will help him finally produce some tangible plan, so voters can learn just how much he wants to raise our taxes.” -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes



In The Absence Of A Tax Plan, Gonzalez Offers Vague Platitudes About Examining Tax Expenditures, Claiming “No One Ever Looks” At Them

WGBH Gubernatorial Debate:

BRAUDE: “So give me one example of a progressive tax that would not ask low and middle income people that would be on your list.

GONZALEZ: “There are lots of big corporations across this state that are benefiting from tax breaks that have been put in a long time ago that no one ever looks at to see whether they’re creating jobs or not. (Democratic Gubernatorial Debate, WGBH, 8/16/18)

But Gonzalez Served As The Co-Chair Of A Tax Expenditure Review Commission That Supposedly Reviewed "Reams Of Data"

Gov. Patrick Theorized That Cutting Tax Expenditures Could Have A Significant Impact On The State’s Fiscal Situation, Even Leading To Reduced Rates: “Halting the tax breaks doled out annually by state government would repair Massachusetts’s finances for a generation and could pave the way for reduced or simplified tax rates, Gov. Deval Patrick hypothesized Thursday, while emphasizing he is not making that proposal.

“‘You can conceive of a world – and really this is purely hypothetical – but if you suspended all of that for one year, we could fix the state’s fiscal situation for a generation,’ he said during an appearance on WTKK. “Let me be clear. I’m not proposing that. I’m just saying there are ways to think about how to simplify the code and maybe even reduce rates.’” (Kyle Cheney, “Patrick lays out different ways to think about Massachusetts tax breaks,” State House News Service, 3/30/12)


Gonzalez Served As Co-Chair Of The Commission, Which Did Not Recommend Eliminating Any Specific Incentives: “Though the commission did not recommend the elimination of any specific tax expenditures, Gonzalez has said the budget is ‘probably too big and should be reduced both in size and amount.’” (Matt Murphy, “Commission backs plan to review tax breaks,” State House News Service, 4/24/12)


The Commission Gonzalez Chaired Claimed It “Reviewed Reams Of Data And Analysis Assembled By The Department Of Revenue.” (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, “Report of the Tax Expenditure Commission, 4/30/12)