“How Will Jay Pay?” #2 - Which Exemptions Would Gonzalez Cut?

BOSTON -- Today, the MassGOP continued “How Will Jay Pay?” - the ongoing series to help Jay Gonzalez identify which taxes he will raise to pay for his costly agenda. In the absence of a concrete plan, Gonzalez hides behind vague platitudes, suggesting “no one ever looks at” tax exemptions. But because his Tax Expenditure Commission (which apparently “reviewed reams of data and analysis”) failed to produce any tangible recommendations of tax breaks to eliminate, voters have no idea what he actually means.

“Given that ‘looking at’ tax breaks is the only tangible tax policy Jay Gonzalez is capable of producing, he owes it to the public to specify which ones he wants to cut,” said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. “Would Gonzalez cut the exemption for veterans’ retirement pay? Or the exemptions for child or foster care? Until he comes up with a more clear plan about how he intends to raise our taxes, voters will be left wondering. It's not enough for voters to take his word for it; it's time he produces a specific plan."


Gonzalez Wants To Review And Eliminate Tax Breaks For Individuals: “In an interview, Gonzalez said he wants to analyze the tax breaks given to businesses and individuals to see whether they are generating job growth or fulfilling the purpose for which they were created, and eliminate those that are not.” (Shira Schoenberg, “Unified support for 'millionaire's tax' among 2018 Democrats running for governor,” Springfield Republican, 10/9/17)

Gonzalez Hasn’t Specified Which Ones He Wants To Eliminate, Leaving Voters Wondering Whether Some Large-Scale, Crucial Tax Exemptions Would Be On The Table: The Commonwealth's Annual Tax Expenditure Report Indicates That Several Crucial Tax Exemptions Are Among The Largest Value:

From the Commonwealth’s Annual Tax Expenditure Report:

  • Sales Tax Exemption For Food: $753,800,000
  • Sales Tax Exemption For Clothing: $305,400,000
  • Sales Tax Exemption For Water: $54,200,000
  • Sales Tax Exemption For Newspapers and Magazines: $34,300,000
  • Sales Tax Exemption For Medical and Dental Supplies and Devices: $560,200,000
  • Income Tax Exemption For Dependent Care: $11,800,000
  • Income Tax Exemption For Retirement Pay of the Uniformed Services: $27,300,000
  • Income Tax Exemption Of Certain Foster Care Payments: $4,100,000