How Will Jay Pay? #5 - "Spectacularly Bad," Fellow Patrick Admin Secretary Slams Jay's $1B College Tax Hike

BOSTON -- Jay Gonzalez is facing fierce blowback for his tax plan on financial aid and scholarship resources. A fellow Patrick Cabinet member called the plan "spectacularly bad," and CommonWealth noted the "lukewarm" reaction, and that "the best Gonzalez seems to be getting is golf claps from leading Democrats," given their previous opposition to the idea. Worse yet for Jay, the controversial $1 billion tax plan only funds a small fraction of his $60 billion agenda, and The Boston Globe calls him out for not specifying how he'll raise the rest: "It doesn’t cover the full cost of Gonzalez’s spending plans."

"Not only is Jay Gonzalez facing fierce blowback for his 'spectacularly bad' tax plan that would hurt low-income students, it's not even making a dent in his massive $60 billion agenda," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "Voters still deserve answers on how he'll fund the rest of the agenda - but maybe Jay should go back to the drawing board and think through his next tax plan more thoughtfully to avoid any more damage to his campaign."


Gonzalez's Tax Won't Even Make A Dent In His $60 Billion Agenda

The $1 billion college tax would cover only ONE of the following...(Source)

1/35 the annual cost of Single Payer Health Care

1/21 the cost of the North-South Rail Link 

Less than 3/4 the annual cost of Universal Pre-K

1/3 the cost of South Coast Rail (Electrified)

Barely the full cost of extended Blue Line