ICYMI: "I Made You Mayor" - Galvin Goes Off The Rails With Unhinged Rant

BOSTON -- With an unhinged rant in which he implied he used his role as chief elections official for political purposes, Secretary of State William Galvin has proven he is the embodiment of the Democrats' insider culture on Beacon Hill that has led to scandal after scandal. According to the State House News Service, Galvin took the reckless step of attacking a local official for purely political reasons, at one point saying, "I made you mayor."

'I made you mayor,' Massachusetts elections chief tells Lawrence's Dan Rivera in endorsement spat
By Matt Murphy

Secretary of State William Galvin hasn't had a primary opponent in over a decade, and it appears that Boston City Councilor Josh Zakim's challenge this year isn't sitting well with the six-term incumbent.

Hours after Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera endorsed Zakim two weeks ago, Galvin called the mayor to voice his displeasure with the decision.

The conversation, according to Rivera, devolved into a heated exchange during which both men cursed at one another and Galvin accused Rivera of disloyalty, suggesting that the mayor owed him his political career.

"Verbatim, he said, 'I made you mayor.' You don't forget words like that," Rivera said.

The call from Galvin to Rivera's cellphone came the night Rivera announced that he would be endorsing Zakim. The caller ID on the mayor's cell showed a 617 area code, but the rest of the number was blocked, a sign, Rivera said, that the person on the other end of the line was someone important.

Rivera said that up until that night, on Feb. 16, he had never spoken to Galvin on the phone, but tried to make pleasantries with the secretary. Galvin quickly made clear he was unhappy that Rivera had taken sides against him, but it was that one comment in particular that got under Rivera's skin.

"He commenced to make hay about my endorsing Josh, which is not unpredictable, but what really got me shocked is that he said he made me mayor. He didn't come knock doors for me. I'm pretty sure my team is the reason we won that first election by 81 votes," Rivera said. "Second, I'm not sure the state's election official can claim that. I think he proceeded to say he sent people up here to make the election fair and I said, 'That's your job.'"

The conversation devolved from there into a heated exchange during which both men traded curses, and Rivera admits that he was the first to "say something crass" because he was upset that Galvin was trying to take credit for his political accomplishments.

He called the entire conversation "unbecoming of a constitutional officer."
Galvin was given multiple days to respond to Rivera's characterization of the phone and what was said, but did not respond to the News Service's request for an interview.