"How Will Jay Pay?" - New Video Shows Gonzalez Ducking Questions On $60B Tax Plan

BOSTON -- According to the Gonzalez Tax Clock, it's been over six days since Jay Gonzalez promised that specifics on his secret tax plan would be forthcoming, and with voters still in the dark, the pressure is building on Gonzalez to be honest. Over the weekend, he was pressed repeatedly to provide voters with answers about how he'd raise taxes, but he dodged the question six separate times:

WCVB's "On The Record:" Gonzalez Dodges Tax Plan Questions Six Times

Gonzalez "Declines To Say How Much His Plans Will Cost"

"But, so far, the Needham Democrat and former state budget chief has declined to say how much his plans will cost, and if he would push to raise taxes to pay for it.
"Meanwhile, the state Republican Party has pounced on the lack of specifics in Gonzalez’s plans. The party launched a website — www.howwilljaypay.com — that suggests his proposals collectively would cost in excess of $60 billion. It has a 'Gonzalez Tax Clock' timing how long it takes to release details of his plans.

'How will Jay pay for his secret plans?' MassGOP chairman Kirsten Hughes said in a statement. 'Since he refuses to provide voters with a concrete plan of how he intends to raise our taxes, it’s incumbent upon Jay Gonzalez to rule out sales and income tax hikes that hurt working families and our economy.'" (Christian Wade, "Gonzalez plans to fix T, health care draw criticism," Newburyport Daily News, 9/15/18)