ICYMI: "Setti Warren: 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do' On Immigration Enters 'Phase II'"

BOSTON -- Mayor Setti Warren attempted Friday to make sense of his recently announced opposition to a bill which would allow police to detain illegal immigrants convicted of crimes like murder after the State House News Service pointed out he was once in favor of such a move. Unfortunately for Warren, in his attempt to clear things up, he staked out more confusing positions when he said that police should "cooperate" with federal officials, despite his support for making Massachusetts a "sanctuary state," and his support of the Safe Communities Act which would prohibit police from cooperating with federal officials to detain dangerous illegal immigrants.

"It is sad to see Setti Warren endorse a policy of letting convicted murderers and domestic abusers who are in this country illegally, walk out of Massachusetts jails and disappear into our neighborhoods," said MassGOP spokesman Terry MacCormack. "What's worse, these politicians not only want Massachusetts to become a sanctuary state, where police cannot do their jobs and detain dangerous illegal immigrants, they want to undo the REAL ID law that prohibits illegal immigrants from obtaining Massachusetts drivers licenses." 


Setti Warren Wholeheartedly Endorsed The MA Democratic Party Platform. "But we've got to challenge our elected leaders to turn the platform we pass tomorrow into law! #MDPConvention" (Setti Warren, Tweet, 6/2/17)

The Platform Setti Warren Endorsed Calls for Making Massachusetts A "Sanctuary State And Issuing Drivers' Licenses To Illegal Immigrants. "[The platform] says Massachusetts should become a sanctuary state and provide a 'fair and timely' pathway to citizenship for all immigrants -- documented and undocumented -- as well as drivers' licenses for all of-age citizens regardless of immigration status." (Stephanie Murray and Michael Norton, "Dem Convention in Worcester Sat," State House News Service, 6/1/17)

But As He Defended His Own Newton Ordinance, Warren Said, "We Should Cooperate With ICE." "We should cooperate with ICE, but only under the guise of following constitutional law...,' Warren said." (Matt Murphy," S. WARREN SAYS DUE PROCESS PROVISIONS CRUCIAL DIFFERENCE IN HIS ICE PROPOSAL," State House News Service, 8/4/17)

Setti Warren's Attempt To Clear Up His Confusing Attacks On A Bill To Allow Police To Detain Illegal Immigrants Convicted Of Dangerous Crimes Was Panned As Hypocritical. "No, no, no, says Democratic gubernatorial candidate Setti Warren, who insists the immigrant-detainer ordinance he signed as mayor of Newton is fundamentally different from the immigrant-detainer law that Republican Gov. Charlie Baker is proposing. Warren says Newton’s law follows due process, while the Governor’s proposal is 'un-American.' The administration isn’t buying Warren’s distinction." (Jay Fitzgerald and Keith Regan, "Setti Warren: Do as I say, not as I do, Part II," MASSterlist, 8/7/17)