MassGOP Calls On Senator Brian Joyce To Resign

BOSTON -- With federal investigators raiding the law offices of state Senator Brian Joyce, MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement:

"With federal investigators raiding his office after a series of deeply troubling corruption reports, it is time for Senator Brian Joyce to resign from office immediately. Joyce's remarkable disregard for the law is a byproduct of the Democratic culture of corruption on Beacon Hill, where abuse of power appears to be a fringe benefit. The presence of such corrupt Democratic lawmakers is exactly why Senate President Rosenberg is wrong to want to weaken state ethics rules."



The FBI and IRS raided Senator Brian Joyce's law office today, after a long series of corruption reports about his conduct. (Milton Valencia, "FBI, IRS raid Canton law office of state Senator Brian Joyce," Boston Globe, 2/17/16)

Last year, Senate President Rosenberg said that state ethics rules were "way overreaching." (Boston Globe, "Rosenberg: ethics regulations can be overreaching," 12/16/15)