MassGOP Calls On Rosenberg To Remove Senator Joyce From Key Committee After New Corruption Reports Surface

BOSTON -- Today, MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes called on Senate President Stan Rosenberg to remove Senator Brian Joyce from all committee posts - including the chairmanship of Special Senate Committee to Improve Government, which is tasked with increasing transparency - after the Boston Globe published the third detailed report of Joyce's apparent flaunting of ethics and campaign finance laws. Chairman Hughes cited mounting evidence that Joyce consistently runs afoul of the regulations that are in place to keep lawmakers honest and government free from undue influence for the need to remove Joyce from important and influential positions of power.   

"The people of Massachusetts are sick and tired of the culture of corruption in the Democratic Legislature where conflicts of interest and abuse of power appear to be fringe benefits," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "Senator Brian Joyce is Exhibit A demonstrating why Senate President Rosenberg is flat wrong to want to weaken state ethics rules. Instead, he should make an example of Senator Joyce by removing him from all Senate committees until a thorough investigation can determine the full extent of Joyce’s wrongdoing."


The Boston Globe today published the account of Joyce's apparent ethical lapses as he reportedly received tens of thousands of dollars in free dry cleaning services. (Andrea Estes, "Dispute over senator’s dirty laundry raises questions," Boston Globe1/12/16)

Ethics watchdogs called out Joyce's free dry cleaning scam as a violation of state ethics rules. "Good government advocates said that...Joyce appears to have abused his position."  (Andrea Estes, "Dispute over senator’s dirty laundry raises questions," Boston Globe1/12/16)

This is the third such violation Joyce has reportedly committed:

Joyce previously used his position as a state senator to receive sunglasses at a heavily discounted price. (Andrea Estes, "State senator’s lavish gift raises concerns on ethics," Boston Globe, 1/30/15)

According to a second report, Joyce apparently violates ethics and campaign finance regulations by mingling private and public matters(Andrea Estes, "Brian Joyce thrives at the edge of a fuzzy boundary," Boston Globe, 5/3/15)

In late 2015, Senate President Rosenberg complained that state ethics rules are "way overreaching." (Joshua Miller, "Rosenberg: ethics regulations can be 'overreaching,'"Boston Globe, 12/16/15)

Joyce is the chair of the Special Senate Committee to Improve Government which is charged with increasing transparency across state government.(Massachusetts State Senate, "Brian A. Joyce,")