MassGOP Statement Regarding Brian Joyce's Chairmanship of Government Transparency Committee

BOSTON -- Despite serious allegations of ethics and campaign finance violations, Senator Brian Joyce (D-Milton) continues to lead a "Committee to Improve Government." MassGOP Executive Director Brian Wynne reacted with the following statement:

"It is the height of hypocrisy and a testament to the tone-deaf nature of the Senate Democratic leadership that Brian Joyce continues to chair the Committee to Improve Government. Given his ethical problems, the notion that Senator Joyce could be trusted to improve government transparency would be laughable, if it wasn't so troubling. Senate President Rosenberg should remove Senator Joyce from the committee, or admit he finds nothing wrong with Joyce's deeply concerning behavior."
Despite giving up other leadership posts in the wake of serious ethics and campaign finance violations, Senator Joyce is still the chair of the Senate's Committee to Improve Government, a post he was appointed to by Senate President Rosenberg.

A month after relinquishing two posts while cooperating with an ethics probe into allegations that he improperly used his public office to benefit his legal clients, Sen. Brian Joyce has maintained his co-chairmanship of a special Senate panel charged with improving government performance." (Michael Norton, "Joyce still leading panel on government performance," State House News Service6/9/15)

Joyce has been dogged by his ethical problems recently, and the MassGOP filed a formal complaint associated with the allegations. 

"The Globe story outlined multiple examples of Joyce blurring the lines between his public duties and private business. It described his aggressively seeking legal work from communities that rely on the Legislature for funding and the fact that he rarely discloses clients to the Ethics Commission, which is required if a lawmaker sees potential for conflicts of interest in his votes....

"The Massachusetts Republican Party has filed a formal complaint asking it to investigate Joyce’s potential conflicts." (Frank Phillips and Andrea Estes, "State Senate discusses possible Brian Joyce ethics inquiry," Boston Globe, 5/8/15)