Lori Trahan: "In a New York State of Mind"

BOSTON -- Last Friday, Lori Trahan, Democratic candidate for the 3rd Congressional District was scheduled to attend a Democratic rally in Lowell with some of her party's top officials. Trahan chose to skip an event in her congressional district and instead chose attend an out-of-state fundraiser in New York City. The irony is that Trahan was hiding from appearing with Sen. Warren while taking a page out of the Senator's playbook - ignoring her constituents in favor of out-of-state donors.

"With less than 50 days from the November 6th election, it is clear that the Democrats are scared of the prospect of having a real Republican challenger," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "Clearly, Lori Trahan has taken a chapter from Elizabeth Warren's book and has chosen to ignore the people of Massachusetts to raise her profile and spend her time with out-of-state donors in New York City. Massachusetts Republicans are energized about electing commonsense candidates like Rick Green who will go to Washington to provide the bipartisan, collaborative representation our Commonwealth deserves, instead of the usual hyper-partisanship that we have seen from the Democrats."


NYC donors vs. the voters of MA03? “She is going against a Republican candidate with deep pockets and has a short amount of time to raise money to be competitive in this race,” said Gretchen Grosky, a Trahan spokeswoman, a reference to the GOP nominee in the race, Rick Green. (Matt Stout, "The ‘rally in support of Lori Trahan’ was missing one thing — Lori Trahan," Boston Globe, 09/21/18)


Trahan snubs Elizabeth Warren and Jay Gonzalez rally in support of her race. A short time later, just before the rally, party chairman Gus Bickford took the blame for the situation, saying the party had scheduled the rally without first getting clearance from Trahan on her schedule. Bickford said he didn't know the exact reason why Trahan could not be in Lowell. (Mike Norton, "Trahan put N.Y. trip ahead of rally with Warren," State House News Service, 09/24/18)