Lottery Losing Under Goldberg The Alleged Retailer

BOSTON - On the campaign trail, Deb Goldberg claimed, "I know how to run things," and said she would leverage her business experience would help improve the state lottery. But with scratch ticket sales dropping under Goldberg's tenure, it's clear that she can't get the job done for the Lottery's bottom line.

"Deb Goldberg boasted about her business background and promised voters that her 'retail experience' would improve the bottom line for the Lottery. But with scratch ticket sales dropping under her tenure, it's clear she's not getting the job done, and the cities and towns who rely on local aid from the Lottery will pay the price for her broken promises." -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes
Bragging, "I Know How To Run Things," Goldberg Claimed Her "Business" Background Would Help The Lottery

"'I’m the first retailer who has ever run for treasurer,' she said...'I know how to run things,'” (Lynn Item, "School conditions don’t add up for state-treasurer candidate," 10/24/14)

"Goldberg said she will use her background in marketing to make sure the lottery remains competitive, will create a volunteer advisory committee, and will take advantage of an upgrade in terminals to be able to quickly reprogram the type of games available." (Shira Schoenberg, "Candidates for Massachusetts treasurer weigh in on casinos, divestment, job creation," MassLive, 9/5/14)
But, Lottery Sales Are Dropping Under Her Tenure, Meaning Less Local Aid

"Through the first five months of the fiscal year, the Massachusetts Lottery has sold $11.5 million less of its scratch tickets and draw games than the same period last fiscal year, Executive Director Michael Sweeney said Tuesday, and that year-to-date deficit is expect to grow.
Goldberg said she expects Lottery profits to be down this fiscal year and that the Lottery will return $965 million in profits as local aid to cities and towns, down from the record $986.9 million last fiscal year." 
(Colin Young, "Scratch ticket sales down 3 percent at Mass. Lottery," SHNS, 12/20/16)