Low Profile In Courage: Coakley “Silent” On Illegal Immigrant Influx

BOSTON – The Commonwealth’s top law enforcement official, Martha Coakley, is refusing to speak about the massive influx of illegal aliens entering Massachusetts.  Although she famously proclaimed it wasn’t “illegal to be illegal” and supports drivers’ licenses for undocumented aliens, Coakley has thus far turned a blind eye to the situation and avoided media questions.


“Martha Coakley supports giving drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants, but she has been silent about the influx of illegal immigrants in Massachusetts, “ said Kirsten Hughes. “The people of Massachusetts have a right to hear from their attorney general, who wants to be governor, about her thoughts on the relocation of illegal immigrants to the Bay State.  For her to dodge questions and refuse to speak publicly is a disservice to the public and a clear sign she is not ready to lead Massachusetts.”


Coakley is hiding from the press regarding the influx off illegal immigrants in Massachusetts. “Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley was silent on the issue Monday, but her primary opponent Steve Grossman defended the transfers.” (Janet Wu, “Sheriffs speak out on planeloads of detainees,” WCVB, 7/15/14)

Other law enforcement officials, including GOP Sheriffs have spoken out on the issue. (Owen Boss, Joe Dwinell, “llegal immigrants flown to Bay State,” The Boston Herald, 7/13/14) 

Martha Coakley touted her flip-flop, on drivers’s licenses for illegal immigrants for political gain. “Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general and candidate for governor, said Tuesday that she’s ‘open’ to the possibility of licensing undocumented immigrants to drive in Massachusetts, softening her position on an issue her rival Steve Grossman soughtTuesday to use as a wedge between the Democrats.” (Matt Murphy, “Martha Coakley open to idea of driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants,” SHNS, 3/11/14)