MassGOP Calls On Coakley To Return NAGE PAC Contributions

BOSTON –  Today, the MassGOP called on Attorney General Martha Coakley to return the contributions her campaign received from the political action committee that has aired attack ads in the gubernatorial race. Coakley is hypocritically making Super PAC support a campaign issue despite the fact she receives support from the same organization engaging in negative television ads. 

“If Martha Coakley has any shred of credibility, she will return the $5,000 she received from the political action committee associated with negative advertisements now that she is claiming to disavow Super PAC support,” said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP chairman.  “The Attorney General is engaging in self-serving hypocritical double talk that is sadly routine for her after she broke campaign finance laws but prosecuted others for the same violations.”



Coakley is supported by the same organization that ran negative Super PAC ads. “In a contribution dated Thursday, The National Association of Government Employees — a union often referred to by its acronym, NAGE — gave $5,000 to Coakley, according to state campaign finance filings. On Saturday, the National Association of Government Employees’ Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee, a super PAC which NAGE funds, began airing an ad attacking Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker.” (Josh Miller, “Juliette Kayyem accuses Martha Coakley of ‘hypocrisy’,”The Boston Globe, 5/12/14)

Coakley claims to disavow the activity of Super PACs. “In a bold move that could trip up her front-runner status, Martha Coakley tells the Herald she’ll publicly disavow any super PAC created to boost her bid for the Corner Office — even if her gubernatorial rivals embrace help from the big-money behemoths.” (Hillary Chabot, “Coakley vows to turn away super PACs, throws down gauntlet to rivals to do same,” The Boston Herald, 6/2/14) 

Coakley refused to disavow Super PAC spending that supported her cause. “But Coakley wouldn’t explicitly commit to swearing off Super PAC support herself, saying, ‘It is not an issue right now.’” (Matt Stout, “Coakley challenges Grossman to `disavow’ Super PAC,” The Boston Herald, 5/12/14)