MassGOP Chairman Calls On Coakley To Stop “Prolonged Battle” Against Child Advocates

BOSTON – MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes today called on Attorney General Martha Coakley to stop fighting child welfare advocates in court after she flip-flopped and called for Commissioner Olga Roche’s removal. Coakley has defended Roche and continues to “wage a prolonged war” against child welfare advocates who sought significant reforms within DCF.

“Massachusetts and the children in the state’s care deserve leaders, not followers and Coakley displayed poor judgement in defending Roche for so long,” said Kirsten Hughes MassGOP chairman. “Now that four months have passed and Coakley has admitted Roche is part of the problem, it is time for her to stop fighting child advocates so the agency can start making much needed reforms.”


AG Coakley Defended Olga Roche For Months Only To Flip-Flop After Other Prominent Democrats Spoke out.”DeLeo’s call for Roche’s resignation drew quick support from the attorney general, the Senate president and the social workers’ union.” (Matt Stout, “House Speaker DeLeo: DCF boss must resign,” The Boston Herald,” 4/28/14)

Coakley waged a “prolonged battle” against children’s advocates who argue the state was failing to protect children. “Children’s Rights has filed at least 20 similar lawsuits against child welfare agencies across the country and has settled at least 15. Coakley and the governor are among the few who have chosen to wage a prolonged battle.” (Frank Phillips, “Martha Coakley offers conflicting words on DCF,” The Boston Globe, 1/31/14)

Coakley Stood By DCF Commissioner Olga Roche. “Attorney General Martha Coakley is defending Gov. Deval Patrick’s decision not to fire the head of the state’s embattled Department of Children and Families, following the disappearance of a 5-year-old boy now feared dead.” (Steve LeBlanc, “Mass. AG Coakley backs Patrick’s handing of DCF,” AP, 2/11/14)

Coakley Claimed DCF Commissioner Roche was doing a good job. “Commissioner Roche Has Done A Good Job” (My Fox Boston, 2:45 mark, 1/7/14)