MassGOP Demands Documents in Connection to Possible Federal Rules Violations Of Senator Warren and her Staff

BOSTON – Today, in connection with a Senate Ethics Complaint filed against Senator Warren’s office, the Massachusetts Republican Party filed an additional request with the Senate Ethics Committee for evidence that the staff member in question, Mindy Myers, has been formally documented as a Political Fund Designee and has filed public financial disclosure statements as required under Federal Rules. These documents are unequivocally mandated under Federal Rules.

“Senator Warren frequently invokes transparency in Government as central tenet of her governing philosophy” Said Executive Director Rob Cunningham. “All we are asking is that she holds her office to those same standards of transparency she demands from others.”

The text of the request, signed by MassGOP Executive Director Rob Cunningham, is below. A copy of this request has been sent to Senator Warren’s Office.

October 2, 2013

BY FACSIMILE: (202) 224-7416

The Honorable Barbara Boxer, Chair
The Honorable Johnny Isakson, Vice Chair
Senate Select Committee on Ethics
Hart Building, Room 220
Washington, DC 20510

Official Request for Senate Ethics Form 41.1 “DESIGNATION OF STAFF FOR LIMITED POLITICAL FUND ACTIVITY” from Senator Elizabeth Warren

Chairwoman Boxer and Vice Chairman Isakson,

This letter constitutes a formal request for Senate Ethics Form 41.1, “Designation of Staff for Limited Political Fund Activity” from the Office of Senator Elizabeth Warren. Specifically, we are requesting that Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office produce any evidence that Mindy Myers, currently employed as the Chief of Staff in the Office, has been designated as staff for limited political fund activity. Furthermore, we are requesting Mindy Myers public financial disclosure statement mandatory under such a designation. Without this documentation, it will be clear that Mindy Myers did indeed engage in prohibited campaign activity with a fundraising solicitation she distributed on Friday, September 27th, 2013.

Non-designated Senate employees may not ‘‘solicit others to solicit funds or otherwise become involved to any substantial degree in political fund activity.’’




Rob Cunningham
MassGOP Executive Director