MassGOP Launches “One-Party Brawl”

BOSTON – Now that State Treasurer Steve Grossman, Don Berwick and Attorney General Martha Coakley are in a deeply divisive and full-blown negative battle, the MassGOP today launched “One-Party Brawl,” a daily recap of the Democrats’ gubernatorial infighting.




“One-Party Brawl” will provide daily updates on just how nasty and divisive the Democratic primary fight for governor has become.

“Given that Coakley, Grossman and Berwick all agree on so many issues like higher taxes and drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants, it’s all the more important for voters to stay up to date on the latest and greatest attacks on each other,” said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP chairman. “‘One-Party Brawl’ will be a valuable resource as voters wonder just how divisive and out-of-touch these far-left liberals have grown.”

Today’s “One-Party Brawl” includes Berwick’s questioning of Coakley and Grossman’s chances at beating Charlie Baker, the doctor’s warning Democrats “are very, very worried” about Coakley losing big again, and the latest salvo from Grossman questioning Coakley’s ability to lead:

Berwick ripped Coakley for losing the 2010 Senate race and warned Dems are “very worried” Coakley could fumble it again.  “We saw a campaign that was coasting in 2010 and ended up losing,” said Don Berwick, one of Coakley’s two primary opponents, a former Medicare chief in the Obama administration. Just before he spoke with POLITICO, Berwick referenced the 2010 race during a Boston Herald radio debate against Coakley and State Treasurer Steve Grossman. “‘People are very, very worried about us losing another big one on the Democratic side,” he said. (Kyle Cheney, “Martha Coakley confronts ghosts of 2010 Senate race,” Politico, 9/2/14)
Berwick is going after Coakley and Grossman citing their high profile campaign losses.  “’I’m the only one who hasn’t lost a statewide election,’ Berwick said at a debate in Springfield Wednesday, perhaps mindful, given recent polling, that that claim may expire in two weeks.” (Andy Metzger, “WEEKLY ROUNDUP -FIRE AWAY,” SHNS, 8/31/14) 
Grossman slammed Coakley for failing to lead, as she refuses to take a stand on several issues. “With a week to go before the election, Martha Coakley still hasn’t made up her mind on a range of important issues,” said Grossman. “That’s not leadership. It’s just politics.” (Steve Grossman, “GROSSMAN CALLS OUT COAKLEY FOR FAILING TO TAKE A STAND ON GROWING LIST OF ISSUES ONE WEEK BEFORE THE ELECTION,” Grossman campaign press release, 9/2/14)