MassGOP Releases ‘Martha Coakley’s Ten Cent Gas Tax’ Tumblr

BOSTON – The last time the gas tax was ten cents, it was 1983 but no one has told Martha Coakley that. When asked what the current tax on gasoline was Coakley told WCVB’s On The Record it was just a dime. To show just how out of touch Martha is, the MassGOP put together a list of other things Martha could buy at 1983′s going rate.

“I know it is hard for the Attorney General to keep track of the little things like gas prices when she is driven around at the tax payers’ expense, but ten cents says a lot about just how out of touch she really is,” said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP chairman. “If Martha Coakley is stuck in 1983, gas would be a buck and a ticket to the movies would only cost about three. Not a bad year to be stuck in.”

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The last time the gas tax was ten cents was in 1983. (Andrew Blake, “GASOLINE IN MASS. UP 6.1 CENTS TOMORROW,” The Boston Globe, 3/31/1983)