McGee's Long List Of Commuter Taxes Gets Longer

BOSTON -- Sen. Tom McGee is so focused on charging the people of Massachusetts more to commute, he couldn't even wait until the President's infrastructure bill was released before re-upping his call for more tolls in the Commonwealth.

"Sen. McGee and the Democrats have so many proposals to nickel and dime commuters, it's tough to keep them straight," said MassGOP Executive Director Brian Wynne. "First they claimed the income tax hike will be a transportation cure-all, then they tried to tax commuters for every mile they drive, and now McGee is doubling down on his proposal to add tolls to nearly every highway in the state - including interstates. Where will it end?"


Today, Transportation Chair McGee suggested the state should toll interstate highways. "A federal infrastructure spending bill could breathe new life into mothballed transportation expansion projects in Massachusetts, and - if a Lynn Democrat gets his way - provide an easier way for the state to toll interstate highways. While not proposing to add tolls on any particular interstate, Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Thomas McGee told the News Service it would be helpful if the federal government gave the states 'flexibility' in that area." (Andy Metzger, "Wheels spinning in Mass. around Trump infrastructure plans," SHNS, 3/9/17)

That proposal is in addition to McGee's prior suggestion to toll state highways. (Thomas Grillo, "Few takers show up at toll hearing," Lynn Item, 9/7/16)

Democrats also pushed a mileage tax that Gov. Baker vetoed. (Michael Norton and Matt Murphy, "Baker to veto plan to test-out miles traveled tax," SHNS, 8/9/16)