On Menendez Trial, Warren Has Questions To Answer

BOSTON -- The corruption trial for a senior Democrat US Senator is underway, and Senator Elizabeth Warren has some questions to answer. Senator Robert Menendez is facing serious corruption charges and could be forced to leave the Senate, but Warren has refused to answer important questions about campaign cash she took from Menendez and has expressed ignorance about critical aspects of the trial.

"If Senator Warren's rhetoric about honesty in government is anything other than shallow grandstanding, she would use the corruption trial of one of her Democrat colleagues as an opportunity to put her money where her mouth is - literally," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "She should return the money she received from Menendez and make a strong statement that if convicted, he should not be allowed to serve in the Senate. Anything short of that will prove to her constituents that she's just another DC partisan with no willingness to hold her colleagues accountable."


Warren "took a $5,000 contribution from Menendez's PAC in early March." (Joe Schoffstall, "Top Dems Took Campaign Cash From Senator on Trial for Corruption," Washington Free Beacon, 9/6/17)

Warren didn't know that Menendez might have to miss key votes because of the trial. "Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) admitted last week that she was unaware that fellow Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez (N.J.) could miss critical upcoming votes in the Senate because of his corruption trial, which is set to begin next week," (Cameron Cawthorne, "Warren on Menendez Potentially Missing Critical Senate Votes for Corruption Trial: ‘I Didn’t Know About This’," Washington Free Beacon, 9/1/17)