New Senate Leader, Same Tired Tax-Hiking Agenda

BOSTON -- Senate Democrats may have a new face leading them, but their tired agenda that refuses to respect taxpayers hasn't changed a bit. Senate President Chandler, who voted to raise her pay and whose new leadership team is now reaping those benefits, admitted that a proposed income tax hike won't even cover all the new spending they want. The admission that the pay-raising Democrats aren't done asking the people of MA for more money follows a Democrat state representative's urge to kill a sales tax cut because, she says, "we need that money."

"An FBI corruption probe may have forced Democrats to shuffle around their leadership team, but it doesn't matter who the Beacon Hill insiders put forward as their leader; the same old tax-hiking agenda remains," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "After their abysmal record led to the loss of a Senate seat, you'd think Democrats would change their tune - but the reality is, the pay-raising Democrats in the Legislature and in the race-to-the-left primary for governor can't quench their thirst for spending, so they're forced to lay the groundwork for even more taxes."'


Chandler flags funding options for Mass. infrastructure, calls for development
By Michael Norton

In addition to promoting a $2 billion tax on the wealthy, Senate President Harriette Chandler on Monday told business leaders from central Massachusetts that other taxes and fees may be needed to make the kind of investments in transportation and infrastructure that will boost the economy and open new opportunities for people.

“The truth is that we need to take a hard look at what revenues may need to come into play to allow us to make the investments in infrastructure and services that you in the business community deserve,” Chandler told the Worcester Chamber of Commerce, according to her prepared remarks.