New Years' Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2014

BOSTON—In light of another year in the books and 2014 right around the corner, here are some suggested New Years' resolutions to help certain Democrats avoid repeating the mistakes of 2013.

Attorney General Martha Coakley – Resolve to stop the pre-holiday, bad-news dumps about how you, as the state's top cop, unlawfully spent federal campaign funds and took a $15,000 loan from your sister.  And apologize to Rep. Brian Wallace for prosecuting him for a campaign finance violation that's minor compared to yours.

Governor Deval Patrick – Resolve to hire ex-con/Rep. Stephen “Stat” Smith whose proven skill at inflating numbers may be the only way the Patrick Administration finally does something to improve the state’s abysmal unemployment numbers.

Treasurer Steve Grossman – Resolve to play the lottery (even though you technically run it) because you're one lucky guy whose campaign for governor is full steam ahead while poor Senator Dan Wolf had his wings clipped by the Ethics Commission for business dealings with the state that look awfully similar to yours.

Congressman John Tierney -- Resolve to make promises that are true. By echoing Obama's famous lie, ‘if they liked their health care plan, they could keep it' does not add to your credibility.