Dem vs. Dem: "Obama Slams Warren on Trade"

Obama Says Warren Playing Politics, Jockeying for '16


BOSTON - President Barack Obama didn't hold back when asked about Senator Elizabeth Warren's recent criticisms about his trade policy, calling them "ridiculous" and accusing her of political posturing ahead of 2016.

Warren Has Attacked Obama Over The Trans-Pacific Partnership: 

"Warren has previously claimed that the TPP’s controversial Investor-State Dispute Settlement provision, or ISDS, could undermine or chill public interest regulations in the U.S. and other participating countries, and could even undercut Dodd Frank financial reform" (Greg Sargent, "Elizabeth Warren fires back at Obama: Here’s what they’re really fighting about," Washington Post, 5/11/15)

Obama Claims Warren Is Playing Politics, And Is "Absolutely Wrong:" 

"The president didn’t hide his irritation at Warren’s comments, stating, 'the notion that I had this massive fight with Wall Street...and then I sign a provision to unravel it? I’d have to be pretty stupid.' (Ali Breland, Barack Obama slams Elizabeth Warren on trade comments," POLITICO, 5/9/15)

Obama Accused Warren Of Political Posturing As 2016 Approaches:

"In a further jab at Warren, Obama suggested she was playing politics with the issue. Warren is being urged to run for president in 2016 by many in the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. So far, she has declined." (Ali Breland, "Barack Obama slams Elizabeth Warren on trade comments," POLITICO, 5/9/15)

The White House Scolded Warren For Not Taking Responsibility To Read The Agreement, Accusing Her of “False Criticism."

"White House press secretary Josh Earnest hit back on Monday, insisting that some of Warren's facts are wrong.
'The point is that if Sen. Warren is wondering what she's voting on, then she can walk over to the room that has been established on Capitol Hill, by the U.S. trade representative, and she can read the latest version of the negotiated document,' Earnest said. 

'So there is no need for this false criticism that the members of Congress aren't aware of what's being negotiated,' he said. 'If they're not aware of what's being negotiated, it's because they have failed to take the responsibility to read the document.'" (Eric Bradner, "Trade highlights Democrats' divorce from Obama," CNN,5/12/15)