On ObamaCare Anniversary, Dems Push Big Government Healthcare Scheme, Ignoring Disastrous Connector Rollout

BOSTON -- Six years ago today, President Obama signed his signature healthcare initiative into law, which has led to higher premiums and more red tape across the country. Closer to home, Massachusetts Democrats' botched ObamaCare rollout over the existing, bipartisan healthcare law proved to be a disaster for hundreds of thousands of families, forcing the state to spend billions to fix the problem. Even as the new Republican Administration makes remarkable strides in fixing the Democrats' ObamaCare disaster, Democrats in the Legislature are talking about an even bigger government expansion into the healthcare system, despite the fact that it has failed in neighboring Vermont. 

"Democrats’ hearing on single-payer health care is both a tacit admission that ObamaCare has been an utter failure in Massachusetts and proof that they have learned nothing from their mistakes," said MassGOP spokesman Terry MacCormack. "On this anniversary of ObamaCare, Democrats should be thanking Governor Baker's team for their efforts to fix the chronically ill Health Connector, not advancing even more grandiose schemes that Democrats just across the border in Vermont have shown us are destined to fail." 


Democratic Governor Deval Patrick's disastrous handling of the Health Connector's changes under ObamaCare forced thousands of families onto MassHealth in 2014, costing the state billions. (Felice Freyer, "About 400,000 in Mass. must seek new health plan," Boston Globe, 8/15/14)

Governor Baker's health connector reforms lead to a successful open enrollment period. "For the first time in three years, enrollment in the Massachusetts health insurance exchange seems to have gone smoothly." (Shira Schoenberg, "Massachusetts Health Connector enrollment goes smoothly for 2016," Springfield Republican, 12/23/2015)

Despite this, Beacon Hill Democrats are pushing another costly expansion of government into the healthcare system: a single-payer system. (Katie Lannan, "Single-payer health-care bill touted at hearing," State House News Service, 3/22/16)

Vermont's attempt to institute single-payer failed last year because it was too costly. (Jay Fitzgerald," Costs derail Vermont’s dream of a single-payer health plan," Boston Globe, 1/25/15)