One-Party Brawl: Another Debate, Coakley Lashes Out

BOSTON– Now that State Treasurer Steve Grossman, Don Berwick and Attorney General Martha Coakley are in a deeply divisive and full-blown negative battle, the MassGOP launched “One-Party Brawl,” a daily recap of the Democrats’ gubernatorial infighting.



Today’s “One-Party Brawl” recaps the attacks during last night’s NECN debate. Grossman, once again, blasted Coakley’s economic plan calling the plan “fake” to which Coakley shot back with “at least it’s a plan, which you do not have.” Grossman criticized Coakley for her recent settlement scandal saying that the former state Senator John Brennan, “got a special deal” implying that the AG should have prosecuted for more money.



Grossman calls Coakley’s economic plan “fake”. “Asked about economic development by moderator Jim Braude, Grossman shot at Coakley, ‘I called your plan a fake plan last night it was just as fake tonight.’ ‘At least it’s a plan, which you do not have,’ Coakley said. That led Berwick to dismiss them both as ‘bickering.’”  (Shira Schoenberg, “Martha Coakley, Steve Grossman, Don Berwick argue about Springfield casino in final televised debate”, The Springfield Republican,9/5/2014).


Grossman accused Coakley of doling out a “special deal”. “That caused Grossman reiterate his criticism of a recent settlement Coakley’s office reached with a lobbyist over an allegedly illegal contingency fee contract with the Franciscan Hospital for Children. The lobbyist, former state Sen. John Brennan, ‘got a special deal’ and should’ve returned more of the money than the settlement allowed, he said.” (Gintautas Dumcius, “COAKLEY AGAIN TARGETED BY RIVALS IN LAST TV DEBATE,” SHNS, 9/5/2014)




Berwick slams Coakley for another “non-answer”. “Asked about the $15-an-hour minimum wage, Coakley said she backs the right of workers to organize and bargain for that. ‘It’s another non-answer and it’s not going to keep the governor’s office in the Democratic column,’ Berwick responded.” (Gintautas Dumcius, “COAKLEY AGAIN TARGETED BY RIVALS IN LAST TV DEBATE,” SHNS, 9/5/2014)