One-Party Brawl: Coakley “Long On Wind And Short On Answers”

BOSTON– Now that State Treasurer Steve Grossman, Don Berwick and Attorney General Martha Coakley are in a deeply divisive and full-blown negative battle, the MassGOP launched “One-Party Brawl,” a daily recap of the Democrats’ gubernatorial infighting.





Today’s “One-Party Brawl” recaps the brutal attacks levied during last night’s Boston Consortium fist fight. Berwick brought back Coakley’s ghosts of 2010 charging that the AG is once again running a weak campaign and destined for failure. Grossman blasted Coakley for pushing a “fake plan” and drove the point home post-debate charging “she doesn’t take economic development seriously” and is “long on wind and short on answers.”

“After a year on the trail, all I’ve heard from you, in general, is boilerplate, talking points,” he said in a round of the debate in which candidates got to ask each other questions. “I want to ask what every single Democrat in Massachusetts is wondering. Why is it different this time?” (Josh Miller, “Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls turn up heat,” The Boston Globe, 9/3/14)

“Grossman also targeted Coakley during the debate, calling her proposal to make $500 million in funding available over the next decade to help speed up economic growth across the state a ‘fake plan.’ He suggested it wasn’t ambitious enough.” (Steve Leblanc, “Democratic candidates for governor spar in debate,” AP, 9/3/14)

“Martha Coakley doesn’t take economic development more seriously.”
…”Tonight she failed the simplest test of commitment to growing our economy. She rolled out an economic plan last week, but couldn’t name a single project it would fund. That’s a fake plan.”
…”Coakley on the other hand is long on wind and short on answers.” (Grossman’s Campaign Manager, Josh Wolf)