MBTA Pacheco Exemption A Victory For Taxpayers, But Some Dems Still Deny Reality

BOSTON -- After Senate Democrats capitulated to public pressure and common sense by including an exemption to the Pacheco Law in their annual budget, even more evidence has emerged that the law is a bad deal for taxpayers. But some Democrats won't let this mountain of evidence get in the way of their steadfast, backward opinions. 

"Even though a new report proves that this misguided law has cost the taxpayers $500 million at the MBTA alone, Auditor Suzanne Bump and Sen. Mark Pacheco continue to kowtow to union bosses and resist the change we need to fix our T," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "Although many of their fellow Democrats have come around to support Gov. Baker’s strong reforms, it seems no set of facts will lead Bump and Pacheco to do the right thing and support taxpayers over their political pals."


The recent budget compromise between House and Senate negotiators includes a three-year Pacheco Law Exemption for the MBTA. "The legislation gives Baker a variant of the T oversight board he has sought for months and temporarily opens the door to greater privatization of services at the public transit agency.(David Scharfenberg and Joshua Miller, "State budget supports Baker on MBTA overhaul," Boston Globe, 7/8/15)

A new report indicates that the Pacheco Law has already cost taxpayers $500 million at the MBTA alone. "The controversial anti-privatization law known as the Pacheco Law — which has swirled at the center of the MBTA reform debate — has been a “black hole” that’s cost the beleaguered transit agency nearly $500 million in savings since the late 1990s, according to a new report," (Matt Stout, "Pioneer report: T lost $500M due to Pacheco Law," Boston Herald, 7/7/15)

Senator Mark Pacheco continues to deny the facts and has rejected the evidence that the law is bad for taxpayers. "'Everything that has been alleged in the (Pionner) report in my opinion is really' wrong, [Pacheco said]" (Matt Stout, "Pioneer report: T lost $500M due to Pacheco Law," Boston Herald, 7/7/15)

Auditor Suzanne Bump continues to deny the facts and has called the criticisms of the law "baffling." "The 'Pacheco Law' has been cited as an obstacle to the goal of a more efficient, less costly mass transit system for Boston. As the state official charged with ensuring that plans for having private companies run certain government operations meet the requirements of that law, I find such statements baffling," (Suzanne Bump, "Without Pacheco Law, can we trust the MBTA to undertake privatization?" Boston Globe, 5/7/15)