Patrick Has No Plan

BOSTON -- The following remark can be attributed to Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP Chairman, in response to Governor Patrick's comment today regarding the Health Connector:


"Governor Patrick is offering more empty rhetoric and no concrete plan about how to sign up citizens for health care under Obamacare.  With all due respect, the Governor owes the people a better explanation than his plan to stand on people's stoops with a clip board.  Until Governor Patrick provides a detailed plan about how to fix the problem, then Mr. McDonough is right and there is no plan."


Governor Patrick Fired Back to the MassGOP's Circulation of John McDonough's Comments But Lacked Any Specific Plans To Help Those Falling Through The Health Care Cracks. In the post, McDonough wrote, “I was waiting to hear the Governor share with the Commonwealth his plans to get the Health Insurance Connector website working at an acceptable rate. It's nearly four months now since it's been officially and completely dysfunctional. And now we know that the Administration was warned of this impending calamity as early as last July. If there has not been a conspiracy of silence in leveling with the public about what's gone wrong and how it will be fixed, our responsible state officials, including Governor Patrick, are all doing a fine imitation of one.”

McDonough described Patrick’s brief call to fix the Connector site “unacceptable,” adding, “I can't name a single Massachusetts official who is leveling with the public on this national embarrassment. From what I hear, second and third hand, four months into this disaster, the Patrick Administration has no plan.

Gov. Deval Patrick on Thursday fired back, calling McDonough a “great guy” but suggesting he was in no position to assess the administration’s response. “He’s a long way away to be able to tell anything,” Patrick told the News Service....

“'The folks who are worried about the website, yeah, it’s concerning, but the website is not the main event and I’ve said that over and over again. People are not going to fall through any crack. They’re going to be covered if what it takes to work around failings of our private vendor is to have people sit on folks front stoops with a clipboard and make sure they’re signed up,' Patrick said."...

(Excerpts taken from State House News Service, FORMER TOP DEM RIPS ADMINISTRATION’S HANDLING OF CONNECTOR SITE,  Michael Norton and Matt Murphy, Janurary 30, 2014)