Petruccelli's Shady, Wasteful Earmark Exposed By Baker Veto

BOSTON -- A pet project sponsored by Democrat State Senator Anthony Petruccelli has been exposed for shoddy reporting and sketchy details following a recent veto by Governor Baker. Though the veto was ultimately overturned by the Democratic Legislature, the Governor's veto prompted serious questions about the project: No one associated with the program has been able to explain its purpose, and individuals associated with it have ducked questions from journalists. Petruccelli's office has been unable to answer questions about it, and the program has now caught the attention of investigators. MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes called on Petruccelli to explain the earmark: 

"This shady earmark is just another example of Democrats on Beacon Hill wasting taxpayer dollars with no accountability. It's not surprising that Governor Baker's fiscally responsible leadership was needed to expose the sketchy details about this pet project. Senator Petruccelli needs to explain this shady earmark, which he's been unable to do thus far."

Senator Petruccelli sponsored an earmark for a "job readiness program" at East Boston High School, to be implemented by the National Youth Development Council. (John Lynds, "Petruccelli, Madaro Vote to Override Baker’s Vetoes on State Funding of Local Iniatatives," East Boston Times-Free Press, 8/5/15)

No one associated with the program has been able to explain its purpose, individuals associated with the program have ducked questions from journalists, and the program is being reviewed by the Attorney General's office. 

"Contacted by phone, East Boston High School headmaster Phillip Brangiforte was aware that funds had been approved, but didn't know exactly what the program was or whether it would be implemented...

"...In an interview with NECIR-WGBH-News, [National Youth Development Council President Richard T.] Smith claimed the program would not, in fact, take place at East Boston High, but he couldn't say where it would take place, and declined to give details about what the program would consist of..."

"...In response to further inquiries, Smith said he was "not looking for questions" and that someone from his organization would provide an email address for further correspondence, though none was later provided..."

"...The Attorney General's office, responding to WGBH-News and NECIR queries, said that it is now contacting the National Youth Development Council about reporting requirements."