MassGOP Chairman and Constitutional Office Candidates to Travel Commonwealth Promoting Reform Agenda

This week, MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes, Republican National Committeeman Ron Kaufman and the Republican candidates for three Constitutional offices will embark on a three-day campaign tour stretching from Western to Southeastern Massachusetts. The campaign tour kicks off Thursday, August 23rd and will make eight stops to meet with voters, campaign in local downtowns, tour local employers and discuss the candidates' plans for bringing reforms to the offices they seek. Continue reading

ICYMI: Lowell Sun Slams Dems' Reckless Fiscal Agenda, Lauds Guv's Record

BOSTON -- An editorial in yesterday's edition of The Lowell Sun slams the Democratic candidates for governor, who "can't wait to tap into state taxpayers' wallets." With the graduated income tax plan ruled unconstitutional, Democrats are left adrift, grasping for more ways to tax the hard-working people and families of Massachusetts. Their reckless approach stands in stark contrast to the Baker-Polito team's record of respecting taxpayers: Continue reading

ICYMI - Boston Herald: "Perfect Time For Sales Tax Holiday"

BOSTON -- Thanks to relentless advocacy by the Baker-Polito Administration and the GOP team on Beacon Hill, Massachusetts' sales-tax free weekend gets underway today. A new editorial from the Boston Herald lauds the Governor's support for and ability to enact the measure. It also notes that the holiday will now be an annual event - so taxpayers won't have to rely on Beacon Hill Democrats to begrudgingly provide them the relief they deserve. Continue reading

Dems' Economic Strategy: Raise Their Pay, Kill Jobs, And Abandon New Housing

BOSTON -- In their reckless, frantic rush at the end of the legislative session last night, Democrats demonstrated that their chaotic style of governing is wrong for Massachusetts. Continue reading

Dems' Failed Leadership Means Another Chaotic End Of Session With No Transparency

BOSTON -- It's hardly surprising that Democrats are entering the final day of an embarrassing, failed legislative session with an enormous backlog, and the likely prospect that the closing hours will feature little transparency as Democrat leaders seek to ram through multiple bills. Continue reading

Pay-Raising Dems' Budget Delays "Inexcusable," "Embarrassment"

BOSTON -- Democrats have allowed Massachusetts to earn the embarrassing distinction of being the last state in the union without a budget - thanks in large part to politicking around fringe, dangerous ideas like making our state a sanctuary state. Now, they're facing harsh criticism for these outrageous delays:   Continue reading

Dems Admit Their Sanctuary State Stunt Is Holding Up Late Budget

BOSTON -- Democrat politicians on Beacon Hill admitted yesterday they're unable to meet their basic budgetary obligations because they are engaging in political grand-standing over far-left priorities like making Massachusetts a sanctuary state. Continue reading

Baker's Surplus Undercuts Dems' Desperate Urge To Hike Taxes

BOSTON -- Democrats' desperate arguments for new taxes were severely undercut with last week's news that the Baker-Polito team's pro-growth policies and fiscally disciplined budgeting have led to a significant surplus for this year's budget. Continue reading

MA Democrats Embrace Extreme Call to Abolish ICE

BOSTON -- Massachusetts Democrats are embracing the most radical elements of the party's base by calling for the abolition of ICE. With this irresponsible proposal, Democrats like gubernatorial candidate Bob Massie and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are building on the reckless push to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state, and driving their party toward the extreme left. Continue reading

You Had One Job: Dems Fail Again To Fulfill Basic Budget Obligations

BOSTON -- For the eighth year in a row, the Democrats who run the Legislature have failed to meet the most basic of their obligations: passing an annual budget. Their delay tactics are putting Massachusetts on the path to earning the distinction of being the last state without a budget for FY19. Continue reading