How Will Jay Pay? Gonzalez Admits College Tax Falls Short, But Won't Offer Any More Plans

BOSTON -- Jay Gonzalez faced so much blowback for his tax on financial aid resources, he's decided to call it quits when it comes to new ideas. Gonzalez freely acknowledged that the college tax his fellow Patrick Cabinet Secretary called "spectacularly bad" won't even cover his entire agenda. But last night, he admitted that the $1 billion tax is all he'll be proposing in new taxes until 2022 - meaning he won't even come close to paying for his $60 billion agenda. Continue reading

Elizabeth Warren's Worst Kept Secret: Leaving Massachusetts Behind to Run for President

BOSTON -- Over the weekend, Senator Elizabeth Warren made it abundantly clear that she will "take a hard look" at a run for president in 2020, confirming a worst-kept secret that she is using her U.S. Senate seat as a stepping stone for higher office, and abandoning her constituents here at home. Massachusetts' voters aren't having it according to a recent poll from Suffolk University indicating they do not favor the far-left senator as a presidential prospect. Continue reading

Lori Trahan: "In a New York State of Mind"

BOSTON -- Last Friday, Lori Trahan, Democratic candidate for the 3rd Congressional District was scheduled to attend a Democratic rally in Lowell with some of her party's top officials. Trahan chose to skip an event in her congressional district and instead chose attend an out-of-state fundraiser in New York City. The irony is that Trahan was hiding from appearing with Sen. Warren while taking a page out of the Senator's playbook - ignoring her constituents in favor of out-of-state donors. Continue reading

How Will Jay Pay? "Gimmick," "Bad Idea" - More Fierce Blowback For Jay's College Tax

BOSTON -- Given that Jay Gonzalez has $59 billion left to raise to fund his costly agenda, he may want to spend more time on his next tax plan, after his first big idea was ripped by his own party and observers right out of the gate as "an embarrassing dud," and "spectacularly bad." Over the weekend, the onslaught of criticism continued from across the Commonwealth, as the plan was called a "gimmick," and a "bad idea," while a student newspaper warned it would hurt low- and middle-income students. Continue reading

How Will Jay Pay? #5 - "Spectacularly Bad," Fellow Patrick Admin Secretary Slams Jay's $1B College Tax Hike

BOSTON -- Jay Gonzalez is facing fierce blowback for his tax plan on financial aid and scholarship resources. A fellow Patrick Cabinet member called the plan "spectacularly bad," and CommonWealth noted the "lukewarm" reaction, and that "the best Gonzalez seems to be getting is golf claps from leading Democrats," given their previous opposition to the idea. Worse yet for Jay, the controversial $1 billion tax plan only funds a small fraction of his $60 billion agenda, and The Boston Globe calls him out for not specifying how he'll raise the rest: "It doesn’t cover the full cost of Gonzalez’s spending plans." Continue reading

"An Embarrassing Dud," "All Wrong," "Terrible Idea" - Gonzalez Struggles To Sell Tax His Party Once Ripped

BOSTON -- With a new Suffolk poll out Wednesday showing him trailing badly and barely breaking even with Democratic voters, Jay Gonzalez may need to re-think his strategy of rolling out a tax that Massachusetts Democrats blasted less than a year ago when it was part of federal tax reform. Almost as soon as Gonzalez rolled out the new tax, it was panned as an "embarrassing dud," and a "conversation starter at best." Observers noted the awkwardness of the harsh criticism levied at the idea by the very Democrats Gonzalez just spent the last week "unifying" with, and the simple reality that it won't even make a dent in funding Gonzalez's costly agenda. Continue reading

How Will Jay Pay #4: MassGOP Congratulates Gonzalez On Plan To Fund Less Than 1.7% Of His Agenda

BOSTON -- The Gonzalez Tax Clock at is still ticking as Jay Gonzalez rolls out a new tax on resources that fund financial aid and scholarships for low- and middle-income students, that's even more aggressive than the plan Jay's fellow Democrats panned as part of federal tax reform. Sen. Elizabeth Warren called the plan "completely backwards on higher education," while Sen. Ed Markey warned that it would "result in the availability of fewer dollars for scholarships" and would limit access for low-and middle-income students. Continue reading

"How Will Jay Pay?" - New Video Shows Gonzalez Ducking Questions On $60B Tax Plan

BOSTON -- According to the Gonzalez Tax Clock, it's been over six days since Jay Gonzalez promised that specifics on his secret tax plan would be forthcoming, and with voters still in the dark, the pressure is building on Gonzalez to be honest. Over the weekend, he was pressed repeatedly to provide voters with answers about how he'd raise taxes, but he dodged the question six separate times: Continue reading

MassGOP Launches "Gonzalez Tax Clock" After Promise That $60 Billion Tax Plan Is Forthcoming

BOSTON -- Jay Gonzalez has been promising $60 billion in new government spending without giving voters a single detail on which taxes he would raise to finance his plan for nearly two years, but yesterday, Gonzalez flipped and promised specifics on his tax hike plan. This comes after months of claiming he couldn't possibly know which taxes to raise until he "takes office." So in an effort to remind voters just how long Gonzalez has been promising to raise taxes without saying which ones, the MassGOP today launched the "Gonzalez Tax Clock" chronicling just how long Jay has been deceiving voters.   Continue reading

ICYMI: MassLive Covers Gonzalez's Refusal To Reveal Secret Tax Plan

BOSTON -- Jay Gonzalez is under fire for his refusal to reveal to Massachusetts voters how he intends to raise their taxes. After the graduated income tax plan was struck down by the Supreme Judicial Court this summer, Gonzalez has been struggling to dodge the question of how he'll raise taxes to pay for the $60 billion he's proposed in new spending. Continue reading